Land Development

RJK Developers has in-built skills in land development and provides management to investors who are looking for entitlement ad development of residential and commercial development of their holdings. We are involved in acquisition of land and intend to construct utilities as well as surface improvements. We also specialize in reselling the developed sites to the developers and residential development projects to home builders.

General Contracting

RJK Developers has the qualification for public works and general contracting certification for construction of housing, highways etc. We are the leading general contracting construction agency with exceptional design plans and effective results. We the enterprise group that proudly takes the pride for having general contracting certification for constructing projects, real estate development and management and involved in several engineering design, management and construction.


To accomplish any entrusted project successfully require due diligence and dedication, hence we at RJK Developers endeavor to plan out construction schedules well before the execution of the construction and successfully recognize the target dates and regularly track the progress till the completion of the project. We design pre-construction plan and ensure smooth flow of work till the completion.

Construction Management

RJK Developers are the leading construction management agency that not only plan and execute the project with dedication, but also ensure that the entrusted project is managed and completed as per the requirements specific demands of the customers. The construction project is under constant supervision of experts and every activity is carefully monitored for exceptional construction management.

Design and Build

RJK Developers have the right skill set to design and build any entrusted project. We believe in implementing cutting edge techniques to design and build any project to turn your dream into reality. We work close with our clients to better understand their needs and demands and put all out efforts to design and build projects that satisfy their unique needs and demands

Assistance in Attaining Government Approvals

RJK Developers not only supports you in the construction of projects and in land development, but also specializes in offering assistance in attending government approvals of projects. We look after each document process and ensure that your project gets approved without hassles. We verify each detail carefully to ensure that all paperwork is complete to get instant approval of projects.

Legal Advisory for Property Related Queries

RJK Developers are into the field of real estate development for past many years and holds sound and rich experience in all dealings of construction. Therefore, clients can expect legal and effective legal advisory for property related queries from the real estate experts of RJK Developers. The company is equipped with expert team of professionals that provide you 100% satisfactory legal advisory for property related queries.

Staff Enablement

RJK Developers understands the fact that without employee enablement it is impossible for any company to achieve success. Even the most engaged employee of the company may get frustrated and held back after certain period of time, if you are lacking behind in staff enablement. So, RJK Developers implement and execute effective staff enablement for better and satisfactory outcomes.

IT Support

RJK Developers provide complete IT support for all the entrusted projects and land development projects. Any client who is looking for IT support for any entrusted project may rely on the services provided by RJK Developers. We take the pride for offering satisfactory services and comprehensive IT Support to our clients in every entrusted project.